Maine Woods Pellet Company Athens Maine

1 TON. 50 / 40lb Bags

maine woods supersack pellets

1 TON. Bulk Sacks

Maine Woods
Pellet Company

A premium wood pellet that is defined as a little better than the rest.
The Maine Woods Pellet Company, Athens, Maine has a great reputation for it heat consistency.

The pellets consist of a mixed blend of 80/20 80 percent mostly from yellow birch and maple hardwood and the other 20 percent produced
from pine and fir Maine softwood trees. It's wood pellet fuel bio fiber comes lands that are owned by native Maine logging companies

Maine Woods meets all pellet fuel institute standards of a quality pellet and also uses it own in house lab and a 3rd party for testing off the run of the pellet mill. Low fines, low potassium, low moisture.

With MaineWoods wood pellet fuel you are rest assured to get complete comfort all winter long

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