1 TON pallet

Each brick weighs avg. 2lbs

Comes 20 bricks per bundle

50 bundles per ton


Used in even our own office wood stove in the past here at woodpelletfuel.org! On the average we used 30 bricks in 24 hour period abound the clock. We where skeptical but they really are great! Wife friendly (just a joke)!!

  • Excellent firewood alternative of choice
  • All natural binders, no chemicals used
  • No smell!

    BioBricks provide a less expensive alternative to oil, This product heats homes more efficiently with an environmentally friendly option.

  • Lights easy and in no time you will feel the heat!
  • Equals to 1 4x4x8 cord of firewood
  • No smoke
  • No indoor firewood mess

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